To Reupholster or to Buy New?

Do you own a piece of furniture with good bones but old worn out upholstery? Here's what you need to consider before you rush out to a mass-produced furniture store and buy new.

Rip the old upholstery off and look at the construction.

What to look for

  • Check the frame. Look for solid wood construction. In order to cut cost, newer furniture may be made with knotty wood that can break at the knots. Other poorly constructed furniture makers use plywood or even particle board in the construction for the frame.

  • Check the joints. Well-made furniture is made with dowels and glue. Cheaply made furniture joints are stapled or put together with fast-drying epoxy.

  • Check the springs. Look for hand tied heavy-gauge sinuous coiled springs space closed together. Today's mass produced furniture may have lightweight sinuous springs and less of them per seat.

  • Check the padding. Older furniture is made with horsehair, cotton, or superior high density foam. Newer furniture is made with cheap foam that looks good but breaks down after very little use.

The Reveal!

Here's our newly reupholstered French Provincial chair! The bones on this oldie are well made now it looks like it stepped out of a hing-end trendy boutique furniture store! And yes, it's available for purchase.

Here's our FAB-TASTIC furniture reupholstery gal!

Meet Marci Reese, our go to gal for all our client's reupholstery needs! If your not ready to DIY you oldie but goodie, contact Marci for a free estimate

The working version of our little 1/2 pint friend! Small but mighty!